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UI design is about making it easy for your users to reach the content they need. A good UI will feature search functionality prominently – and ensure that results are relevant. The benefits of good UI design are almost innumerable. So important is UI design to the success of a website that we might argue it is the single most important element of any web project.

The best UI design is sleek, intuitive – and invisible. As a rule, you want your user interface to be as non-intrusive as possible: the less aware a user is of the interface, the better it is. Your focus should be on ensuring rapid access to core content


Good UI design will help your website feel seamless and intuitive – and simply provide greater convenience to your users. That, in turn, will mean they spend more time on your site – and return to it more often. And that, in the end, is the greatest benefit of good UI design

Make sure that things are worded clearly and in a way that everyone can understand. Keep it short and sweet and stick to your point.